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We set sail from the local tourist pier, crossing the wide Ushuaia Bay, until we reach the mystic Beagle Channel through Paso Chico.

There we will sail around the Isla de los Pájaros, where we will be able to appreciate the Fuegian avifauna observing skuas, black-browed albatross, steamer ducks, geese, kelp gulls and gray gulls; and then around the Isla de los Lobos, where we will be able to observe sea lions of one and two hairs. Both Bird Island and Wolf Island belong to the Bridges Archipelago.

We approach the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, an icon of the city, and continue along the Beagle Channel, observing different historical estancias along the coast of Tierra del Fuego.

We spotted Puerto Williams on the coast of Navarino Island (south of the Beagle Channel) and entered the MacKinley Passage bordering Gable Island to the north to reach Martillo Island. There we approached the coast to observe a colony of Magellanic and Gentoo Penguins, along with other seabirds. We then return along the coast of Tierra del Fuego and appreciate the sunset over the channel.

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