Bike Night on Ice

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We start our excursion departing in the afternoon from Ushuaia Extremo Travels, San Martín 830. We drive 16 km out of the city, through the unique landscape offered by National Route No. 3, towards the Valle de Lobos winter resort.

We will travel for approximately 4 km looking for a range of 4 beaver farms, some old and inactive and others in current operation, being able to observe the incredible work of these non-native animals with their dams or dams, and their work in the Fuegian forests.

The tour will alternate between mobility assisted with electric bicycles and walking with crampons, as there are incredible accumulations of ice at sea level, and you can ride on frozen water without any risk. This same activity takes place in other latitudes but can only be found at altitudes of more than 1,000 meters above sea level. The experience culminates with a dinner in the city.

Includes: Bike guide, bike, transfer, dinner with dessert included, helmets/elbow/knee pads/ crampons provided by Ushuaia Extremo.

Arrival at the points will depend on weather conditions, seasonality and the physical condition of the passengers.

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